Panther NFTs

The most awaited NFT art collection.

Panthers are ready to enter the metaverse and take over their rightful throne. Mint a panther and help them take over the throne.




0.08 ETH

Mint Price



The Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Panthers. We have a lot of ideas that we are working on. It may evolve over time and hopefully become even better!

  • So what's the Roadmap?

    Do you think Panthers need a map to hunt? Currently we have the best bidding bot in the market with the highest speed and amazing features. You know it's just version 1, version 2 is gonna be beast. And how about some other interesting tools after perfecting the biddding tool?

Who are we?

Black Panther


I am Black Panther the project manager of Panther NFTs. I am from Pakistan. I love building and managing fun & loving communities.

Cute Panther

Co Founder & Marketer

I am Cute Panther the Co Founder & marketing head of Panther NFTs. I live in Pakistan. I enjoy growing communities organically. I have monitored many successful and unsuccesful NFTDrops and have learnt a lot from them.


We are a part of Zeneca's 333 Club through which he is offering advice to us.